Vikas Jain

Vikas Jain

Vikas Jain is a professional speaker and a change maker who inspires people to unlock their potential to experience life’s boundless possibilities. He is also an author and the founder of Adhyan, an entrepreneurial initiative for building a learning-centric ecosystem that would create global impact.


Vikas Jain is a Keynote Speaker on the topics Business Motivation & Leadership. He is an Author and among the Top Keynote & Motivational Speakers in India and abroad for Corporate Events. He has delivered talks for top organizations across industries including Yamaha, Oracle, Intel, Uber, PayTM – BFI, Microsoft Sales Meet and many more. He offers customized talks/programs on topics including Digital TransformatoinChange, Motivation, Business & Life Transformation, Education and more. He worked for 8+ years as a software professional with IBM and McAfee. And he even denied the offer from Microsoft to pursue his entrepreneurial passion.


He is the founder & CEO of Adhyan Group. Adhyan Group includes Adhyan World, Adhyan World Center (Creating blueprints for developing Centers of Excellence), & more.


Vikas is the chairman of Adhyan Foundation and  founder of “The Real Education“.  It’s mission is to re-engineer the concept called “Education” and build an ecosystem for Life Long Learners.

Mission & Vision

Vikas’ mission is to Develop a society where individuals can utilize their full potential and live a life of choice and freedom i.e “LIVE FREE”. Also to enable individuals about the same, knowledge ecosystem needs to be strengthen. Vikas’ ambitious plan is to open advanced learning centres, where knowledge seekers of different age groups come together to learn, discover and evolve in a self-enabling environment. These centres are aimed to help people, who are self-motivated and eager to work on themselves, overcome so-called limitations of personal growth and achieve extraordinary results for themselves.

The idea of Adhyan is to spur people to start conversations around ‘real education’ and challenge conventional thinking on education. Vikas’ ultimate aim is to help people who did not go undergo the traditional school/college system find employment in an avenue that does justice to their skills and interests and prepare them for the future of work.

Professional Journey

After a successful eight-year stint with corporate giants like IBM and McAfee, Vikas felt that it was time for him to branch out on his own and challenge the conventional education system and break the mind limitations of people to make them realize their real worth. This led to the genesis of Adhyan and his journey as a professional motivational speaker.

As a keynote speaker, Vikas speaks on topics of Artificial Intelligence, Business Motivation & Personal Leadership. Through his speeches, Vikas strives to ignite the inner motivation of people and steer them towards embracing change, developing leadership traits and achieving peak performance. He has delivered motivational speeches and conducted leadership & other training programmes for various Fortune 500 corporations, including Yamaha, Intel and Uber in India and abroad. His speeches are backed by solid research and interviews with curious leaders to understand their mindset. Vikas is the author of ‘Secret Behind Super-Achievers: Self-Education’ and ‘Top 10 Mistakes While Making Career Choice’.

Apart from professional speaking, Vikas is also a ‘learning and skill acquisition’ expert who is deeply committed to creating a self-sustaining business model in the world of education.

‘The Real Education’ is an entrepreneurial venture started by Vikas that attempts to develop an ecosystem that nurtures life-long learning with curiosity and a self-development mindset. The accelerated learning approach of this venture will help transform individuals into mission-driven world leaders and will also help establish a knowledge system to achieve practical wisdom (through research, hands-on models and workshops) and transform the conventional education system.


Vikas Jain is born and brought up in Delhi. He completed his Masters in Computer Applications from Delhi University. He then worked for eight years as an IT Professional with IBM and McAfee.

As an entrepreneur and a human being, Vikas drives personal and professional transformation in people with his positive attitude, immense knowledge and visionary ideas. Vikas is dedicated on developing scalable and sustainable learning methodologies for self-growth and development that will help people from all age group to evolve.


“Vikas’s skills as a Public Speaking Coach have earned him a spot on the Coach Foundation, one of the biggest names in the coaching industry.”