Vikas Jain

Engage Vikas to Speak at your Corporate Event & Conference

Why clients prefer to engage Vikas Jain for their conferences & corporate event?

A keynote speech may seems like a short duration talk but experienced conference orgnizers are already aware about the importance of keynote speech which sets the tone of whole event.

Vikas put extensive efforts to understand the demography of participants and customize the content to achieve the objectives of client while engaging the audience in best possible manner.

Vikas works closely with conference organizers, reaches before time at venue , remains flexible with clients and organizing team to adapt to last moment changes. 

What is the Professional Speaking fee of Vikas Jain?

Vikas Jain is from Delhi(India) and deliver keynote speeches globally (Virtual & Physical)

For a typical conference of 200+ participants with speech duration less than 2 hours. 

    – Within Delhi 1 lac and above*

    – Outside Delhi 1.5 lac and above*

    – Outside India 2000 USD and above*

Fee may further vary based on the customization required and other factors like distributing phyiscal book authored by Vikas for every conference participants, access to onling learning platform for participants, multiple events booked together and more.

Contact Vikas Jain & his team?

Vikas Jain is frequently invited to speak and inspire the audience by various companies and other institutions. To invite Vikas, you may

  1. Send out an E-mail at
  2. For any urgent communication, you may Call/WhatsApp +91-88022-25500
  3. For further communication, you can have a look at “Contact Us” in the bottom of page

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Vikas Jain - Introduction Statements

Vikas Jain is an award-winning motivational keynote speaker, author, creator of “Vikas World-Class Quadrant & entrepreneur.

Vikas Jain is an award-winning motivational keynote speaker, author of “Be World-Class” and 2 other books, creator of “Vikas World-Class Quadrant” and has been featured in International Publications.

Vikas has delivered more than 200 speeches for fortune 500 organizations like Yamaha, Intel, Dell.

Vikas Jain is an award-winning, International Keynote & Motivational Speaker. He helps businesses and individuals to become World-Class in their Industry using “Vikas World-Class Quadrant”, an innovative strategy created by him.

Vikas has delivered 200+ speeches for organizations including Yamaha, Intel, Dell and authored 3 books including “Be World-Class”.

He previously worked as a Tech lead with McAfee & IBM and denied an offer from Microsoft to purse his mission as an entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Vikas Jain - Full Profile

Vikas Jain is an entrepreneur, speaker & author.  As an award-winning inspirational keynote speaker, he helps businesses and individuals achieve world-class success through his high-impact talks & workshops. He is the creator of Vikas World-Class Quadrant, an innovative strategy to become world-class in your Industry.

He has delivered 200+ programs for corporates including fortune 500 companies like Yamaha, Dell, CRY, Oracle, Intel and many more.

He has authored three books and his upcoming book is “Be World-Class”. He has been featured in Josh Talks (300K+views), Speaking Tree (Times Group), Dainik Bhaskar, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Chapter magazine, Open Data Science Conference (ODSC) and many more.

Vikas is the founder & CEO of (into development & recruitment of top tech talent). He is also a tech consultant and an Artificial Intelligence evangelist. Vikas has previously worked as a tech lead with IBM, McAfee and also had an offer from Microsoft before he started his entrepreneurial journey. Vikas did his masters in computers application from the University of Delhi.

Vikas is also the founder of which is into promotion of quality experts, courses and events. He is also working on his dream project to create a chain of innovative centres for enabling co-working and co-learning and he has created the detailed blueprint of such centres.

As a philanthropist, Vikas started Adhyan Foundation, a registered trust dedicated to transforming school education through scalable and sustainable innovations leveraging self-directed learning, technology and more.

Vikas co-founded Professional Speaker Association (PSA India) and served as the founding president of PSAI Delhi Chapter. He was the conference chair of the international conference of PSA India – Professionals Speakers Summit 2020 which had participation from 14+ countries.

Vikas is a “Mentor of Change” under Atal Innovation Mission, an innovative program by the Government of India. He is also associated with other professional associations like Global Speakers Federation (GSF), Virtual Speakers Association (VSA), Delhi Management Association (DMA) etc.

He is an regular blogger and active on all major social media platforms . Further information can be found at

Terms & Condition

  1. Vikas inspires the audience to achieve more in their life but does not promote/endorse any product/services of the client as part of the engagement
  2. Vikas’s does not prefer to speak at sweepstakes, MLM (pyramid schemes), network marketing business events
  3. Any additional activity like “long coaching/discussion session with key individual”, additional meetings in addition to speaking engagement, PR coverage etc. should be discussed in detail before the event and mutually agreed upon
  4. Speaking engagement is confirmed only after fulfilling the advance payment condition as laid out and shared with the client.
  5. In case Vikas could not speak at the event due to any unforeseen circumstances (though it has not happened in the past and unlikely to happen in the future too), we would return advance professional fee received for that engagement from the client. Liability of such cases could not go beyond this point
  6. In case client cancels the engagement after confirmation by paying advance payment, we would not be able to return the advance payment, as for speakers like Vikas, dates are booked in advance, and it may so happen that after your confirmation we have denied requests for other assignments. The client may submit a request to us which can be further explored for possibilities and this may vary from case to case
  7. As a speaker, Vikas’ calendar hours are pretty critical and booked in advance. Hence any change in date/time of the speech from the client which could not be considered by Vikas due to his packed calendar would be considered as “Client’s Cancelling the engagement” as discussed earlier. Though Vikas tends to be as flexible as possible based on his availability

Invitation to Speak at Social Events

As a global citizen and thought leader, Vikas is having a special interest in social organizations and events. But as a professional speaker, even social organizations understand this and hence he is paid by the organizers for his services. Though based on the background of the event, speaker fee would be charged less as compared to corporate engagements.

Travel Booking for Vikas Jain

Vikas lives in Delhi and invited to deliver talk across the World. To invite Vikas to Speak at your event, you need to book flights from New Delhi International Airport (code: DEL) to the respective location. Though Vikas prefers to travel in business class but based on client’s budget, he is open to travel in Economy class too. The stay could be arranged in 4 Star + hotel. Vikas prefers to stay in the same-hotel/near-by-hotel where the event happens so that he can visit the venue before the event. This is for technical testing and also to become aware of the ambiance of the conference hall so that he can customize the speech delivery for maximum impact.