Vikas Jain

World-Class Success in Career & Job

Industry is changing at a very fast pace and hence the job dynamics are also changing. In current market, there are segments of industry where people are not getting adequate job but there are other segments where people are getting immense opportunities to grow their career. 

You always need the right knowledge and guidance which can help you scale your business.

  • Find the matching company
  • Find the matching profile
  • Align your current profile with the desired profile
  • How to transition to high paying companies

  • Identifying the high-scope profiles and how to transition to them

  • Find companies based on Vikas World-Class Quadrant

  • Identifying key skills required by these high paying companies

  • How to prepare these key skills

  • How to find referrals required for key positions in high-paying companies

  • How to overcome fear of rejection in interviews

  • Secrets behind effective resumes which get selected

  • Leverage linkedin profiles

  • New age criterias which can increase the profile weightage

  • How to align passion with career

  • For senior professionals, how to manage mid-life crisis
    – How to crack interviews by understading interviewer psychology
    – How to target profile and companies which are usually not known to many
    – How to join industry after career breaks, majorily faced by women in corporate