Vikas Jain


Consulting & Executive Coaching Session with Vikas Jain

Vikas, as consultant and coach, has helped in transforming the personal and professional life of numerous people from various background including people corporate leaders and entrepreneurs. This also includes people who are looking to become top 1%, emotionally distressed, looking for success in corporate job or entrepreneurial venture, career alignment/re-alignment with passion and many more. 

Some of the unique qualities of Vikas which had been instrumental in the success of these coaching sessions:

Patient Listener with Deep Empathy: Many a times people are looking for a patient listener with/without advise. Many people in past has praised Vikas for his listening ability with which he connects with the person

Different perspective towards situation: Vikas is known to provide entirely different view during these sessions as per the situation which has has people to tackle the situation differently and conquer them

As Coach, Vikas inspire & help people with strategies to develop Transformation Ready Mindset for Dreamers who are passionate about achieving more. These customized session covers Coaching &  Consultation backed sessions are conducted as per need of the individuals.


Neerja Singh

She wanted to explore her “key message” as a thought-leader and speaker.

CA Bhushan girdhar

Alignment of dreams and aspirations. Also keen to understand the “Vikas World-Class Quadrant” and leaders performance secret.