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World-class businesses and professionals are highly profitable and sought after by clients because there is no competition at the top. But without a proper strategy, very few professionals and businesses are able to achieve World-class status.

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“During a massive storm when all other birds seek shelter, the eagle alone avoids the storm by flying above the storm”

During a massive storm, when most other birds are looking for shelter. Eagle has a different approach. Eagles are known to sense the storm early. Hence when the heavy winds are about the come, they would spread their wings which would lead them to fly even higher. Hence when the storm is there they are flying above the storm.

As a business leader & professional, you must have realized that today’s disruptive market place is nothing less than a storm. And one of the strategy to lead in any Industry is to be at the top i.e. Be World-Class

These world-class businesses are highly profitable and sought after by clients because there is no competition at the top.

Many high-potential businesses are not able to achieve the world-class success as they don’t have a strategy which is specific to the dynamics of “world-class businesses“. “Vikas World-Class Quadrant”  which I created can put your business on world-class business track.


To deliver, world-class products and services, you must first develop #WorldClass mindset – Vikas Jain

So, are you ready to become World-Class??

Vikas World-class Quadrant

I created “Vikas World-Class Quadrant” and explained it in the book “Be World-Class”.


While working with various people and companies in Industry, I found that different people have different mindset with unique combination of “Knowledge, Skills, Attitude”.

During my study, workshops, seminar, some of the most common questions from participants were

  • How to find the best mentor?
  • How to find the top company?
  • How to position myself in the marketplace?

These questions are all valid. Based on my experience I created this four quadrant structure based on two axis. I was able to answer most of these queries by following this Quadrant. With this quadrant structure, many people in various industries have got benefits as this quadrant is found to be applicable in every Industry.


Vikas Worldclass Quadrant

As per this quadrant if X-axis is the Expertise and Y-axis is Popularity. Then Industry/Organzations/Individuals can be divided into four quadrants as follows:

Quadrant 1: Highly Popular with High Expertise

Quadrant 2: Highly Popular with Low/Average Expertise

Quadrant 3: Not Popular with Low/Average Expertise

Quadrant 4: Not Popular with High Expertise

If you leverage the quadrant 4 i.e. Not Popular with High Expertise Quadrant, you can achieve extra-ordinary success in life.


3 min Video Introduction

18 Min Short Course

Short course covers:

  • VikasWorldClass Quadrant
  • Worldclass Scoring System
  • Best practices to improve world-class expertise
  • Finding World-Class Mentors
  • Best practices to improve world-class popularity

Keynote, workshop & coaching

In corporate whether you want to make your employees and leaders world-class or as entrepreneur or professional, if you want to develop World-Class mindset and expertise, you can definitely go for this program i.e. Be World-Class.

BOOK & Mission

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