Vikas Jain

Speeches & Workshops

Keynote Speeches:

  1. Developing Artificial Intelligence Solution Mindset: Demystifying AI for executives and developing functional knowledge through various AI business use-cases
  2. Unleash Your Leadership Potential: Inspiring & activity based experiential program for leaders
  3. WOW Change: Inspiring & Strategic Program on Developing “Change Ready Mindset”
  4. Business Motivation & Strategies to Grow Business & Sales – 10 Business Growth Principles & Strategies
  5. Continuous Learning @ Work : Learning Principles & Strategies to support continuous learning with result oriented approach for Employees, Leaders, Entrepreneurs and more – Read More
  6. Combating Illusion of Knowledge : Illusion of Knowledge is causing more business failures then anything else. This program is to enabled leaders with tools to Combat Illusion of Knowledge – Read More
  7. The Real Education of Top 10% Leaders: Covering strategies adopted by world leaders to learn and nurture their curiosity who have been interviewed by Vikas Jain