Vikas Jain

Worldclass Leadership

As a leader or professional, how you can become the BEST in Your Industry i.e. World-Class, to achieve business excellence, influence positive change and create global impact

Topics Covered

1) World-Class Mindset – A mindset of delivering excellence and in-turn becoming the best in your Industry. This helps in not just surviving but thriving in ever changing environment. Also how to deliver the best in your Industry using Vikas World-Class Quadrant strategy & associated framework

2) Expertise & Leadership Development to achieve World-Class Performance – How World-Class leaders develop themselves to solve complex problems, nurture creativity, innovation & curiosity to achieve World-Class Performance, despite busy schedule. This cover advanced research & tools like “Deliberate practice” and more. Also covers lessons from World-Class leaders covering their unique learning practices including how to leverage mentoring & feedback at it’s best.

3) Be a Thought–Leader – How leaders develop future leaders and strengthen body of knowledge by writing book, providing mentoring, sharing insights as conference speaker and more. Build credibility, become an influencer & personal brand, who is well connected with global industry leaders to create global impact.


Hi Vikas  That was a great session, and I agree with you that people are afraid to scale up and to think Global where the flood gate is open and one should not only compete in local market, should be ambitious enough to go global.  You have shared many great insights.  Thanks
Santhakumaran Atmalingam
International Customer Experience (CX) Transformation Specialist

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