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1% Business & Personal Branding Strategy

Identification of High-Paying Client Zone

Brand positioning strategy

High-Paying (HP) Client persona building

Exponential growth zone 

Executive Presence 

Executive Coaching

Brand Collaterals

Brand theme building
Profile photoshoot
Content research & strategic content as per client’s persona
Call to Actions with forms to contact person
SEO Content Friendly
Branded PDF Profile
Profile Video
Social Media Setup for strategic discoverability

Monthly Retainership

1% Club Membership (Silver/Gold/Diamond/Platinum)

1% Strategic Consultant

SEO (basic)

Social Media Management 

Social Media posting


Be spoke services

– Strategic Video Interview Bytes Shoot
– Book
– Photoshoot
– Social Media Management
– Website management
– SEO Management
– Business automation (WhatsApp Marketing, Performance Marketing, CRM etc)
– Strategic National and International Conference Speaker positioning
– High Ticket Sales Strategy and more

about top 1% Club


Top 1% professionals and their professional service firms are known for attracting high-paying clients and leading the industry with new innovations.

With my 20+ years of pursuit of "What Top 1% Do Differently", I see that world of top 1% is very different from world of 99%. And everyday have the opportunity to make a choice that whether we choose to join the journey of top 1% or not.

I have a vision of the new world where we can create an ecosystem to nurture such top 1% talent and leaders strategically.

- Vikas Jain

The Top 1% of professionals in any Industry are known for delivering excellence and bringing innovation to the industry. The Top 1% build a brand value not just for themselves but also for the country by representing it at the global forums. They are also known for charging high fees and still have clients waiting for them. Customers accustomed to negotiating fees with various professionals are willing to pay the “Top 1% professionals” a fee that is even 100 times higher, without engaging in any negotiation.

About vikas jain

Vikas Jain is an international expert and authority on the subject of “What the Top 1% Do Differently”. His research has redefined the field of the Top 1% and made it accessible to the masses so that anyone and everyone can use it. Existing studies of the Top 1%, were primarily focused only on performance whereas Vikas’ observed that becoming the top 1% in the industry is a combination of performance and popularity as covered through the “Vikas Industry Quadrant” and when strategically combined with “premium & high-value offerings” this also yields world-class commercial success. To delve deeper into this research, Vikas also interviewed global professionals and leaders. He thoroughly examined the lives of the Top 1% and what they did differently that contributed to their exceptional career outcomes.

Vikas has provided consulting and coaching services to numerous executives and professionals, resulting in a three-digit growth for those who implemented his guidance.

Vikas Jain is an award-winning international speaker, author, coach & entrepreneur, who has delivered 400+ keynotes at various corporate events and conferences. He has been featured in Josh Talks, Dainik Bhaskar, Speaking Tree and various other national and international publications. 

Vikas is the founder of “Vikas Jain International” an agency that provides services such as personal branding and marketing, strategic consulting to attain top 1% status, and the cultivation of world-class performance through the mastery of one’s craft, among other offerings. 

The agency also offers the “Top 1% Club”, a membership-based community of professionals and leaders committed to a lifelong pursuit of excellence and striving to reach the top 1% in their respective fields.

His podcast “Vikas Jain LIVE” covers the success stories of world-class leaders. 


Read more about Vikas Jain here.

Professional Service Firms

Further research

  1. Mind of Bill Gates and what he do differently that most leaders are unaware of
  2. Secret life of “Elon Musk” that can help leaders in other organizations to create such disruptive companies and innovation


Leadership masterclass


1-1 Leadership Coaching & Mentoring

leadership mastermind

leadership network

thought-leadership and personal branding services

Professional Keynote Speaking Coach

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