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My take on Mr. Narayanmurthy about 70 hours work a week

Everything has a context.

Mr. Narayanmurthy inspired youth to work for 70 hours a week. I see lot many people arguing about this statement without setting up the context. 

When I left my corporate job and became an entrepreneur, I understood that one needs to put endless hours into building your own business.

Most entrepreneurs would agree that this is the hour that they need to spend per week especially in the initial years if they try to do something significant.

This is an aspirational statement for people with big dreams like Mr. Narayan Murthy who built Infosys.

During my career coaching program also for mid-career professionals, I tell them if they have to pivot to a high-potential career, they need to spend an extra 3-4 hours to build their skills for their next job roles in addition to working for their company.

In case we want to make India a land of leaders and entrepreneurs, we need to make such aspirational move.

But assuming everyone will follow such an aspirational path is rare and hence we see people arguing about it. 

Choose your context first and then evaluate the statement..

Are you talking about Masses or Highly Self-Motivated #leaders 

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