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How to find best motivational speaker for your corporate event?

Best motivational speaker in India


A motivational speaker is subject matter expert who motivates and inspires the audience through his talks. Their speeches uplift the morale of the audience and motivates them towards achieving business goals. Motivational speakers energize the audience and help in setting up the right tone for the event. Thus, it becomes very much important to choose the Best motivational speaker for your event.

You should not just look for the Best Motivational speaker but find the Right Motivational speaker who can talk on the theme of your event.
There are various kind of speakers in an event who are called Keynote speakers, motivational speakers. Not necessarily a motivational speaker is a keynote speaker. For example Vikas Jain is a Keynote speaker who talks on the neche of How to become Top1% in your industry . He also plays important role of motivational speaker in various events.

Hence, for your conference you may also look for Keynote speakers who are the subject matter experts on the theme of your event and not just the Motivational speakers.

Who should be considered as the Best motivational speaker?

The key attributes of good motivational speakers are –

1. Credibility – Credibility of a speaker is reflected by looking at their clientale, testimonials from their past clients. Awards and Recognitions received by a speaker also endorse their establishment in the speaking world. Vikas Jain received Most Inspirational Keynote Speaker 2023, 2020.

2. Experience – The more the number of speeches a Motivational speaker has delivered the better he is at his work. No. of years of experience of a speaker matter a lot.

3. Past events – Past events of a speaker elaborate the type of work and the depth of work a speaker has been doing.

4. Social media engagement – Social media engagement of a speaker can give a fair idea about how famous the speaker is. This holds true in case of celebrity speakers but sometimes a good motivational speaker can be just known to the businesses or direct clients but not to the masses. Hence, relying solely on social media engagement can be misleading too.

5. The Core Message of their talk – The core message delivered by a speaker also tells about the depth of the knowledge a speaker carries. You can choose a speaker based on that attribute as well.

Different Ways to find a good Motivational Speaker

  1. If you have a good budget, you can reach out to Speaker Bureaus. They have a good listing of quality speakers. They will reach out to the speakers on your behalf and provide you with good options.
    Speaker bureaus can look for National and International Speakers based on the event budget. They manage the whole speaker selection process for you.
  2. If you have hired an event company for your corporate event, they can also find good speaker options for you. They can either charge their fee to the speaker or to your company (Generally 10-15% of the speaker fee).
  3. In case of budget constraints you might prefer a local speaker to save the cost for the speaker travel. Simply search by typing the name of the city where the event is happening and you will be getting the list of local speakers. Or if the speaker agrees to bear the cost of the travel you can even invite an outstation speaker.
  4. You can also search for good motivational speakers on Linkedin. You can event get to know more professional details about the speaker there.

Do’s and Dont’s while Finalizing a motivational speaker


  1. One should remember its not important to just find the name of a good speaker but its more important to know how to evaluate them if they are really good for your event.
  2. You should have a clear goal in your mind that you want to achieve as an outcome of the event that you can convey to the speaker.
  3. Talk to the speaker’s team i.e the person managing the speaker and try to get speaker’s time for 10-15 minutes before finalizing any speaker. From your conversation with the speaker you can check if they can customize the talks as per your requirement and cover all the important topics you would like them to speak upon.
  4. One should watch the past event videos of a speaker. It helps to evaluate their speaking style and audience connect. Because many a times speaker is highly skilled and knowledgeable still he misses to establish a connect with the audience which does not bring the expected outcome.
    By checking the event videos and clips you can get to know how effectively the speaker has been able to create a connect with the audience and how the audience is responding to the connection.
  5. You can take speaker recommendations from other companies and people who had hosted similar events in the past.


  1. Do not just rely on Social media platform engagements but decide on the basis of a speaker’s past event deliveries.
  2. Do not just go by number of years of experience of a speaker but go by the relevant experience of a speaker that matches your requirement.

By following these Best practices, speaker selection process becomes easier for you. You can now choose the Best Motivational speaker from the list of available Motivational speakers.

Vikas Jain is one of the Best Motivational and Keynote speakers with 10+ years of speaking experience and overall 18+ years of industry experience. He has delivered more than 400 speeches for Sales Meets, Company’s Annual Meets, AOPs, Dealer’s Meets etc . And motivated 20,000+ live audience with 2,000,000+ online impact.

He is also listed on various esteemed Speaker Bureau websites like TOSB, ISB, Professional Speakers Bureau International. He frequently gets hired directly by the clients and through these bureaus as well.

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