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You can also achieve world-class Success like me irrespective of your background – Vikas Jain

Everyone wants to be successful in this world. Though the definition of success may differ from person to person. Having said that, one of the common criteria to define success for most people is their success and growth as professionals. 

In my journey from studying in govt school to working with IBM, McAfee, getting an offer from Microsoft and currently being a global speaker and author, I came across various people at various levels from 25K per month to people making 50 lac per month. 

I found that people usually look for linear growth but the Industry has the potential for exponential growth as well. But to achieve that potential we need to apply 10 strategies. Also these 10 when applied properly have the potential to create exponential growth.

Many professionals, especially in jobs are struck as they are not having the right strategies, networks, and motivation to take consistent action to achieve desired results. 

Application of these strategies along with mentoring, and external push has helped me increase my salary 3 times from 2010 to 2013 i.e. within 3 years.

Many other job coaches and mentors, focus on improving the resume, LinkedIn, and interview tips. These are essential but to create exponential growth, we believe that to create the massive result, we need to work on our professional careers at various levels. Whereas resume and LinkedIn is just external representation of who we are as professional. 

Hence these 10 Strategies work at various levels, from foundation to external understanding. Since then I have helped many other professionals with these 10 strategies which not just help them once but create a lifetime of abundance and opportunity.

So wherever you are from whatever background, do trust me that 

  1. You can also achieve world-class success and growth
  2. You can also get into the world’s top companies irrespective of your background

These success principles can help even

  1. For Corporate Job Employees
  2. For Entrepreneurs
  3. For Self-Employed Professionals ( Consultant, Doctor, CA, Architect etc)
  4. For Corporate Leaders

Will be sharing those 10 strategies in my future posts.

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