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Dr. John B Molidor – My learning from the session on Neuroscience

Great learning from the session today with Dr. John B Molidor about neuroscience. Definitely, this learning can help people achieve world-class performance and develop exceptional talent i.e become World-Class.

  1. As a speaker, check the expiry of your content i.e. keep updating your content and “REMAIN RELEVANT”
  2. Brain Basic – Energy hungry device, use it properly
  3. Memory is not like audio/video. It is stored at various places and hence it has to be reconstructed to be remembered
  4. Visuals are Powerful. Use them.
  5. Not to use the word left brain or right brain. Appropriate usage is left hemisphere or right hemisphere
  6. Big Picture – Right HemisphereDetails – Left Hemisphere
  7. Brain shrink during sleep and it’s required
  8. Nervous System = Brain + Spinal Cord + Connection to Organ
  9. What one thing that has surprised you so far what did you like the most so far
  10. Myth – We have three brains – Reptilian, Emotional, Thinking
  11. Myth – You are left/right brain dominant
  12. Glial cells form a membraneous sheath surrounding axons called myelin
  13. Mind is looking for the answer to these questions
    1. How Long
    2. By What Means
    3. Outcome
  14. Research access – Use library or research website e.g.
  15. Quality sleep is essential – Sungazing is useful and starts dimming the light before sleep
  16. Book Suggestion – Seven and a Half Lessons About the Brain by Lisa Feldman Barrett
  17. Brain science is exploring more and delving into Extended brain

And many more insights which I could not capture in notes.

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