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How to Write a TEDx Talk That Gets 5 Million Views by Marianna Pascal

For every world-class speaker, TEDx hold a very special place. It’s an opportunity to share your message with the world. 

World-Class Leaders & Professionals are known for sharing their knowledge from prominent platform hence “best practices to do a TEDx talks (and smiliar platforms)” is part of the World-Class Framework & curriculum.covered during my worshops and coaching program. Recently one of my Josh Talks (you can say TEDx from India) had 1M views.

This talk by Marianna Pascal, is amazing. I had the pleasure to meet her first during Professional Speakers Bootcamp in Goa 2019.

Also had the pleasure to interview her for my “World-Class with Vikas” show.

It was eye-opening to hear that as per Marianna’s, TEDx Speech Curator

“Speakers & Trainers don’t do the successful TEDx”

So what she has done differently to design and deliver a TEDx talk which is the 130th most viewed TEDx ever

This also changed here career where she got many “Thank You” messages from around the globe.

Step 1: TEDx is about your SINGLE idea
Speakers try to cover their body of knowledge to explain what they are and what they do. But TEDx is actually one SINGLE idea and the audience is whole World.

Step 2: Trojan Horse

A way to conceal your single idea into a simple-to-understand message.

Step 3: Discovery 

The message is delivered in such a manner that it is not heard from speaker but journey is discovered with speaker

It’s pleasure to have Marianna on my venture where she help speakers to craft such a TEDx talk during 1-1 coaching programs. contact to get discounted coaching session with her.

What’s your favorite talk and why you like it the most?

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