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Motivational Speaker for Dealers Meet

Corporates are usually looking for top Motivational Speakers for their Dealers Meet, Distributors Meet & Channel Partners Meet. Now let’s deep dive into my experience of delivering motivational talks at such dealers meet across industries. Before understanding the role of motivational speaker, let us first understand the dyanmics of dealers meet.

Why Dealers Meet are important?
Dealers, Distributors and Channels partners are critical for any business as they help the businesses to take their product to the market. Hence companies hold these dealers meet with multiple objectives. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Launch of new products and make dealers aware about them
  2. Reward dealers & distributors on achieveing their sales quotas
  3. Educate & train dealers about new processes etc.

Level and Scale of these Dealers Meet
Dealers meets are organized at various level. These events happen at various level which can range from city, state, zonal, national, interational. Based on the turnover and various other factors companies also categories these dealers in various cateogries. Keep the same in mind, dealers meet could also be organized separately for these different grades of dealers.

Also most valuable dealers are even invited to International destination for the meeting to reward their efforts and target they achieved.

Dealer Meet types – evening only, one day, residential meet

As discussed earlier, depending upon the scale of the event, some dealers meet are only evening event where dealers in same city are invited for dinner in a hotel which is easy to reach.

Some dealers meets are residential where dealers from various places are invited to stay at some hotel and resorts with agenda of the meet spread over 2-3 days.

Why Motivational Speakers are invited during Dealers Meet:
Businesses are changing and innovating at fast pace. Technology is another critical success factors in today’s time. Hence companies keep reinventing their products and keep upgrading their processes. Also companies need to share these new products and upgraded processes with dealers. As any change require an open mindset and an inspired person is always more receptive to new business ideas and changes. Keep this in mind companies invite motivational speakers to inspire the dealers during these dealers meet.

Motivational Speaker should keep in Mind
As the motivational talks are usually kept before or after the keynote delivered by head of the organization, hence it becomes very important for motivational speakers to deliver the talks to set the temp and enthusiasam for further sessions.

Customized Motivational Talks as per the Industry of Dealers
As a speaker, I tend to customize the speech by including examples which are related to the Industry of the dealers. Same facts can be told using different examples as per the Industry. For example, when I deliver motivational talk for Yahama Dealers in Kathmandu, I used to examples and case studies of “automobile” industry. Similar concept was conveyed different for Channel Partners meet of Microsoft and premium contractors meet of Fevicol (Pidilite Adhesive)

Motivational Talk should be engaging
Attentention is the most critical factor during such meetings. As these are not employees who can be given commands by senior, hence as soon as these dealers get disengaged, they can start browing their phone or taking phone calls. Hence maintaining the engagement with dealers is critical.

Motivational Talk should have element of Humour
Humous is the best way to engage people. Dealers are also consider these dealers meet as an opportunity to rejuventate themselve. Hence talks motivatioal talks must have element of humour to engage the dealers.

Motivational talks should be delivering while keeping in mind the preferred language of the dealers and their background
Most business owners and dealers are mostly comfortable in communicating in their local language. Hence as Motivational speaker, I always try to keep the talk simple and in the language of the dealers.

Additional responsibility of the Motivational Speaker

During such dealers meet, some of the sessions are delivered by employees of the company who may not be professionally trained on public speaking. Hence sometime these events can become boring as people give long monotonous speeches and information at such meets. Due to this, it becomes very tedious to keep the excitement and interest of the attendees on track. In case motivational speakers is invited to deliver the speech after such talks, it become the responsiblity of the motivational speaker to first energize people before delivering the message.

Motivational Speakers should keep in mind the sitting arrangement of the venue
Whenever I am delivering talk at dealers meet or any corporate event, I prefer to reach venue 30 min to 45 min before the session and sit in the back to understand the stage, sitting area and the audience conversation level. In case of cluster sitting with wireless-mic, lapel mic, over-the-ear mic, as a motivational speaker, I can go and talk between the sitting. In seminar hall sitting, it usually gets difficult.

In case of dealers meet spreading multiple days whenever feasible, I always go early to do the AV check for making sure that mic, laptop, presentation, music etc is well tested and functioning well.

As Motivational Speaker, always ready to be flexible

During Dealers meet, like any other event sometime unexpected things happen. This can cause change in schedule, delay etc. As a motivational keynote speaker, I always keep some buffer time for the event. There have been cases where I have was initially given time to speak before the CEO but due to last moment change my speech was delayed and kept at later time. As a motivational speaker, one should be supportive during such time as event organizers are already under pressure and hence motivational speaker should work as part of their team by showing his/her flexibility during such instances.

Further Ideas to make Dealers meet a Success:

Session on best practices and success stories.
Allow the most successful dealers to share their best practices, so that others can learn and follow the same guidelines and techniques. Have at least one or two local dealers or businesses that showcase what you are trying to get the other dealers to do.

Education and learning
This is the most critical part of any dealer meet event. There are different formats that even organizers can follow depending on the size and complexity of the learning, panels, presentations and workshops.

– Seek out feedback from dealers about their biggest problems and challenges. This can be done before the event, or during it.

– Provide standardized training and skills upgrades for your dealers. It’s best if you have a certification program for accredited dealers and their employees.

– Some companies even arrange for their own team building exercises that show dealers how they can work with sales executives, distributors and other parts of the supply chain.

– Workshops and breakout sessions are the core part of this event. Have time slots before and after lunch for breakout sessions, so dealers can choose whichever session is most important for them. This is the only way to fit in a comprehensive agenda into a day or two.

Companies invest heavily for the success of these dealers meet, in selecting the premium venues, food & drinks, entertainment and more. Hence it’s the dual responsibliity of every participant such as Corporate, Dealers, Motivational Speaker, Event organizer to make this a SUCCESSFUL DEALERS MEET.

Do share your experience during such dealers meet and motivational speeches.

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