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TCS, one of the top four IT companies, to skip campus hiring this year – TCS CEO – Rajesh Gopinathan

TCS [NSE: TCS], one of the top four IT companies and a big recruiter is going to skip off-campus hiring this year.

TCS CEO, Rajesh Gopinathan said the off-campus hiring would cut down on-campus visits, increase reach, and, equally significantly, now allow the institute to be the touchstone of quality..if they can get through the test, it doesn’t matter where they came from”Economic Times

This is in line with many software companies which have even skipped the requirement of even graduation during recruitment. Considering the “Future of Work” these are the expected changes which we are going to see even more.

As per “Vikas World-Class Quadrant”, TCS is majorly a Quadrant 2 (Q2) company. As per my observation on “Future of Software Industry” below mentioned are further trends which we are going to see even more

Firstly, Service companies that usually fall under Q2 of Vikas World-Class Quadrant would also start innovation and cutting edge projects which would require world-class talents like Q1 and Q4 like “product-based companies”. Also depending upon the size of the companies, industry bodies are focusing too much on Q2 but ignoring the Q4 companies i.e. companies that are not very popular but looking for top talent. @WorldclassTechTalent, we are helping these companies to connect with the right talent.

Secondly, Remote work companies like “Crossover”, “TopTal” etc would increase their reach to talent in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities. Recently I talked to a software engineer who is working in an Australia-based software company and working from his home town.

Future of Work is going to see a major shift in coming years with the strong influence of Disruptive tech like AI, ML, and acceptance of remote work (post-covid). Also, reskilling initiatives are not going to play enough role as “focus is on developing “Future Tech Skills” whereas more of the focus should be on “developing Learnability”. Industry would require a strategic approach to nurture “world-class talent”. AKEA Model of Learning ( Arjun, Karn, Eklavya & Abhimanu) could provide an inclusive approach to building a sustainable and scalable ecosystem for skill development.

One of our initiatives is which is to nurture world-class tech talent.

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