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About Toastmasters

Toastmasters is one of the leading International organization dedicated to the “Public Speaking”. They are having their clubs running in various countries. You can find the Toastmasters Club near to you by clicking here.

My Role in Toastmasters

I have been a member of the one such Toastmaster club in Delhi named Pro Orators Toastmasters Club. I also served the Executive committee role as Vice President – Public Relation for two terms i.e. 1 Year. This was a newly formed club and hence I got this opportunity to start from scratch though with the support of the Executive team and senior leaders, it was not that difficult.

How Toastmasters can be helpful:

  • Improve Public Speaking: The primary purpose of the toastmasters club is to help members improve their public speaking skills. The best part about Toastmasters is that it does not run into a Teacher-Student format but it runs into a peer-learning format. So every member is there to learn, though in every meeting they would perform certain pre-defined roles and that will help you various aspects of public speaking
  • Follow a World-Class Curriculum: Toastmasters have developed a world-class curriculum over the years and this curriculum has topics ranging from every aspect of public speaking
  • Learning to Lead: Every club is run by its Executive committee. Hence once you become a member of the club, you get an opportunity to nominate yourself for one of the Executive committee positions during the election. While serving the role, you will start developing various leadership traits as you will come across different situations.
  • Improving your management skills: International organizations like Toastmasters is run by their policies and procedures. This would expose you to improve your management skills. Some of those skills are, working with a team, the importance of clearly defined roles, commitment to being on-time and many more
  • Participation in International Competition: Toastmaster conducts World Champion of Public Speaking, an International event in which every member of toastmasters can participate. Selection is based on competitions held at various levels and finally few get an opportunity to compete in the International event

Later to support my professional speaking career, I choose to join the “Professional Speaking Community”.


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