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Change The Orbit – What Top 1% Do Differently

We all know that the Top 1% achieve significantly more than others.

But What’s unique about the Top 1% of Leaders and Professionals?

Hard work is one of the key but not the only key. We know that the top 1% achieve the desired success while most other hardworking professionals don’t.

And the difference is in the strategy that I named “Change The Orbit”.

The Top 1% continuously work to “Change their Orbit”.

What’s the Orbit?

An Orbit is a similar type of work with marginal differences.

And you continue to work in the same field with marginal growth i.e. within the same orbit.

For example, a person who is working as a back office operator would continue to work in the same field.

Even when they switch jobs, they will join a similar level of work with marginal change.

That keeps you in the “Same Orbit”

What top 1% doing differently?

The Top 1%, consciously keep changing their orbit. To extend this previous example, if they are working as back office operator, they would try to switch to a better executive role.

Taking the example of the top 1% of shop owners, somebody who has a small shop would continuously upgrade their business by opening bigger and better stores. That’s how you will some small food vendor or dhabas turned into big business empires like

Bitto Tiki Wala, Sukhdev @ Murthal and many more.

That’s “Changing the Orbit”

Do you even know what could be the next orbit for you to change into?

Contact me to book a coaching session with me on how to make that transition. You can also drop an email to get a quick guide to know this further.

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