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“Transformative Mindset” behind invenstive learning of Top 1% Leaders.

This is part of my research on What the Top 1% of leaders do differently. In my previous post, I talked about the “Change the Orbit” mindset of the Top 1% of leaders. In this post let’s talk about the difference in “Learning of Top 1%” from others.

The top 1% of leaders repeatedly talk about the importance of “Learning”. But “Learning” is such a generalist word that not many have the clarity, that what is the difference in the “Learning” of the top 1% as compared to the learning of others?

In my research, I am uncovering these factors and giving them different names to highlight the differences.

There are three mindsets that broadly exist in “leaders about learning”.

First is “Entertainment Seeking Mindset” – These leaders are broadly seeking a level of entertainment to keep them engaged. They usually have “I know this all”, and “I have so many years of experience” mindset. During a learning session, they listen and appreciate but usually carry very little back home. The positive side is that they are still looking for some learning, and networking here and there. But the “Transformation” score is not very high.

Second is the “Information Seeking Mindset” – These leaders are actively taking notes and carrying a lot of “INFORMATION” back home. But somehow does not act on those notes. They don’t apply the information to that extent. Hence the “Transformation” is better than the “Entertainment seeking mindset”.

Third is the mindset of the Top 1% of leaders. The top 1% of leaders have a “Transformative Mindset” – These leaders are ACTIVELY looking for information and knowledge that can help them “Transform” their minds and knowledge which in turn enhances decision-making, business acumen, building complex strategy and other leadership traits of entrepreneurs, corporate executives and more. These top 1% of leaders have such “magnetic learning capacity” that they can even draw learning from abstract i.e. non-living beings, nature and many other things.

In my programs & keynotes, I had many instances where the Chairperson chose to stay back to listen to my talk and later they shared with me that usually we don’t attend the full program, but your program was different.

In a recent program, the HR head told me the same that I attended your full program which I usually don’t do. I come and introduce the speaker and leave as I have been part of so many training in past and usually do not attend the full program.

I see this as an important addition to the “Managers to Leaders” corporate program that forms the foundation of change to start the “leadership” journey.

Not just corporate professionals, but recently a college student gave similar feedback on Linkedin “Although I usually find academic workshops boring 🙂 , this one was an exception. I enjoyed it and learned a lot, making it a great experience overall” – Sweta Shukla.

Hence there are future leaders with a “Transformative Mindset” at all levels.

Coming back to the topic, before taking action, try to first observe that is it true what I shared about “Top 1% leaders“?

Due to also observed that the top 1% of leaders have the “Transformative Mindset”?

Once you start observing them performing at that level, you will gradually start developing a “Transformative Mindset” yourself to achieve the dream and performance like the Top 1% of leaders.

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