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What Professional Service Firms Must Do to Thrive

Professional service firms are expertise-based businesses where an expert like lawyers, consultants, chartered accountants, motivational speakers, interior designers etc. provide a service to the client.

To grow the business there are standard recommendations and strategies but when I work with my clients, I suggest them to “BECOME ONE OF THE BEST” in their Industry.

This seems like an inspirational statement but this is actually a framework-driven strategy “Be World-Class Framework” using insights from “What Top 1% Leaders Do Differently

When I studied top professionals, brands and agencies in the world, they were doing things differently compared to average agencies.


The first question is “Why” one should become the Best? Where I work with agency owners to understand their “Why” and even “Why Not”. I have found some high-potential professionals who have “self-limiting” beliefs about their past to the extent that they have started believing that “They were not top scorers in school, so they were not among the best and hence they can’t become the Best” and they even don’t try it out now.

After working on “Why”s comes Best in “What”


Most professional agencies have the perception that they are in the broad industry. But if we look closely, there is a word used i.e. Best-in-class which means that one should define their “micro-segment” and focus on mastering that segment. This is easier said than done as it’s a “discovery process” where I work with agency owners to look at their past projects, industry positions etc. But in the end, it helps us to define the segment that has significant “business potential” and “agency have some business advantage” over that micro-segment compared to “Other players in the market (I don’t call them competitors)”.


Once the Why and What is clear. One should focus on “How” to become the best.

  1. Agency Owners to Develop Thought-Leadership – There are certain principles and behaviours showcased by thought-leaders. Hence agency owners should focus on developing those behaviors and traits.
  2. Branding & Marketing – The branding and marketing strategies of “Best” are different from standard branding and marketing strategies.
  3. Remain Best-In-Class – Constantly developing the expertise to remain “Best-in-Class” in that segment
  4. Use “Change the Orbit Strategy” that I have developed and use to service the clients

You can book a FREE consultation session to get your “Professional Agency” reviewed as per the “Best-In-Class” strategy and framework.

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