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“Difficulty” is your inability to handle the “Complexity” – Quote by Vikas Jain

“Difficulty” is your inability to handle the “Complexity”

Vikas Jain

While delivering a workshop on 7th Nov 2023 on “What do the Top 1% Leaders Do Differently” this quotation was made by me.

Many a time leaders may use the word that it’s difficult but the Top 1% usually avoid using that word. Going deeper into their mindset, Top 1% have another approach that they see this as an opportunity to build their skills and knowledge to master it.

In other words, the situation might be complex but your skills, knowledge, and previous experience would decide whether it’s actually difficult for you or not.

You can also see that things that were difficult two years ago at your work are “easy tasks” for you today. Why? Because you built competence and abilities to manage them with the least effort.

Hence what looks like “DIFFICULTY” today, if you think of it as “COMPLEXITY” that you need to learn to manage would put us in a zone of growth.

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