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How much does a Motivational Speaker Gets in India?

Motivational Speaking is more of Art as compared to Science. Brand matters a LOT in this case. Hence in India, the speaking fee may vary from

FREE -> 1000 –> 30,000 –> 50,000 –> 1,00,000 –> 5,00,000 –> 10,00,000 and more

Motivational Speakers, going to School/Colleges during class level events may do it for FREE or may get 1000 per hour as honorarium. On the other hand, Motivational Speakers doing corporate events for 1000+ employees of a company may charge 10,00,000 or even more for 1-hour speech.

Besides being invited to corporate events, speakers can offer open house seminars/workshops where anybody can join. And based on target audience and event, ticket may vary from Rs 500 to Rs. 50,000 and even more.

Yes, you heard it right!!

There are seminars where the individual registration fee is Rs. 1000 and 1000 people participating in the event. Hence Rs. 10,00,000 for that one event.

Hence one can compare the fee charged by the motivational speaker similar to the payment charged by movie actors. The more famous and established you are, more you can charge the fee.

FEE is not everything that we people in Motivational Speaking look for. Motivational Speaking is very broad term covering various people in Industry. For Motivational speaker what matters most is the value add that we can bring, in other’s life.

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I have been helping fellow speakers to get into this field and offering Speakers Masterclass workshops/coaching program.

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