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Industry Secret Zone of Exponential Growth

I need your help..

I wanted to sleep early but this thought kept me awake..

I have observed a pattern in the Industry that can help high-potential people achieve extraordinary growth in their profession & career. 

For the past 10+ years, I have been trying to convey it to people but still feel that I am not able to convey it well.

People know me as a motivational speaker, and leadership coach but my pressing desire to leave the offer from Microsoft was to “Share this Insight” with the world and I still feel I am not able to convey it well.. 

Let me try again.. 

There is a zone of high-growth-opportunity that exists in the Industry and the only criterion is to have “exceptional talent”. One of the best ways to develop that talent is deep expertise developed through exceptional “self-learning”. That is it.

Let me try to explain in more detail with examples.. 

It’s commonly observed that companies and profiles in the Industry could be segmented into Tier-1, Tier2, Tier3 and so on.

Similar institutions are also graded as Tier-1, Tier-2, Tier-3 and so on..

There is a common pattern observed that students from tier-1 institutions are mostly joining this tier-1 opportunity. So..

Students from Tier-1 Institutions are usually getting Tier-1 Opportunities

Students from Tier-2 Institutions are usually getting Tier-2 Opportunities

Students from Tier-3 Institutions are usually getting Tier-3 Opportunities

Students from Tier-4 Institutions are usually getting Tier-4 Opportunities

Leaving some expectational stories here and there, I have observed that the majority of people in tier-2,3 and 4 somehow continue to work in their respective industry segments and could not switch to the better tier of companies. 

Vikas Worldclass Quadrant

With reference to the Industry Quadrant that I created, I observed that if we put “deep expertise” on the X axis and “popularity” on the y axis. 

There are 

Q1 companies that are Tier -1 i.e Hire the top talent and companies are very popular

Q2 companies that are Tier-2 i.e. Hire the next best talent and companies are very popular

Q3 companies that are Tier -3 i.e. Hire the next available talent and companies that are not popular.

The Secret segment of the company that I found was:

There is a Q4 segment that exists i.e Not Popular Tier-1. Companies that hire the Top Talent but not very popular.

This zone is a “gold mine” that’s what I call zone-of-exponential-growth-opportunity

And as for these companies only criteria is to have “Exceptional Talent” irrespective of college, marks, course, background etc.

Hence one can build that “exceptional talent” using deep ”self-learing”. 

As these companies are part of the Tier-1 zone of companies. Hence by getting into this zone, one can move into Famour Tier-1 companies quite easily. This means even if someone cannot get into Top institutions, and cannot get the desired degree or good marks, they can still transition to Tier-1 companies at any point of time in their career. I agree they have to put in 2 to 3 years of extraordinary efforts but the point is that it’s doable.

My initial research was how someone enters into an Industry as an employee in a top company. Later I found that the same thing can be explained for the Top 1% of Professionals in the Industry like doctors, lawyers etc.

Similar behaviour patterns is observed in the top 1% of leaders as well as they focus on Tier-1 opportunities by building Exceptional Talent i.e. Knowledge and skills using deep self-learning.

I have observed that such a level of “Deep Expertise based on Self-Learning” is quite rare. But I still feel that high-potential people who are somehow not getting the right opportunities can use this knowledge to align themselves with this zone of exponential growth..

I strongly feel that this knowledge can give hope to many people who could not get the right opportunities earlier but they can still change their life. 

From a national perspective, World-Class Talent and Leadership could be developed at the national level by identifying and nurturing this exceptional talent.

My bigger mission in life is to turn this expectation unstructured path into a structured pathway. Also to further support this system it would require a different ecosystem of different types of physical centers, mentors network and more.

Coming back to, how you can help. I am looking forward to scalable ideas to spread this message and support those high-potential people.

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