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Avkash Shah 3D Designer Viral Linkedin post for Intern for Cred – Innovative Intern Application – World-Class Talent

Avkash Shah, a 3D Graphics and Motion designer on LinkedIn applied for internship for Cred using innovative approach.

Here is the video that he used to showcase his talent which went viral on LinkedIn.

Although this may seem like an innovative approach to many although this is one of the core strategies of world-class professionals.

Showcase your Talent, Expertise & Skills instead of telling that you can do it – this is the most trusted credential in Industry

Vikas Jain – Creator Vikas World-Class Quadrant

World-Class Talent Development Framework, with Vikas World-Class Quadrant, covers the strategies and best practices adopted by world-class professionals.

There have been previous examples, where many professionals showcase their work.

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