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Knowledge Sharing is a Sign of High Skilled People

Everyone says that Knowledge is for sharing only. But with my experience of working with various corporates, I can say that I have also heard these statements like:

  • If I will share the knowledge with my colleagues/subordinates, they will become smarter and will become a threat to my job
  • I have acquired this knowledge with much hard work, so I can’t just share it like that

I started wondering that though these arguments are also valid to some extent but then why some people are able to share the knowledge despite these arguments.

After studying the various personalities, I realize that knowledge sharing is usually a trait of highly skilled and knowledgable people.

  • Continuous Learning – People with high skills keep on acquiring new skills and knowledge and hence sharing knowledge does not appear to threat to them
  • Inspiration: During their journey, they have learned from such open-minded people who were even more knowledgeable and skilled yet they kept sharing their knowledge wholeheartedly. Hence these mentors inspire more and more to share knowledge

Average skilled and knowledgeable people don’t upgrade themselves no continuous basis and hence they want to live their life on learning that they acquired many years ago.

Organizational Culture also plays a crucial role there. There are organizations that are able to create a culture where people share knowledge and there are organizations that still find it difficult.

In my personal journey, where my environment wanted me not to share the knowledge which might be considered business secrets, but still I made this choice that if I listen to such argument, I may get some benefit in short term but in long term, I would get into “Average Skill Mindset”.

Hence I consciously make a choice to follow the traits of “Highly Skilled People”.

What about you??


  1. Sir I am student ,as know ,Many student in class do not share their knowledge specially topper .I am also in top 5 students in my class and early I was thinking that if I share information regarding study or other knowledge than they become smarter, will know my ideas ,style and use against me but I was wrong .Now I realize sharing information with my colleagues is beneficial for both ,If I share information my concept,way of talking or thinking on that topic and make much easier as possible for understanding in this way my skills also increase and my friends become faithful with me.

    Sir Vikash Jain, you inspire me by making course on Josh skills and giving startegy but problem is that I only see your demo of video whenever I buy or join full courses than occur website problem and course can not join. What can I don in this situation.i called and sent message by helpline of Josh skills yet there is no reply.
    Sir highly request you, please help so I can learn your course(become world class at anything). Sir I am waiting your response.

    1. Thanks, Amir. For the beautiful answer. Yes, people who want to become truly world-class usually have this mindset of sharing knowledge with others. You can see my various full seminar videos here on my youtube channel. Some of those videos are part of this playlist.

      This Ebook can be further helpful
      People looking for customized help usually engage me as a coach and speaker because everyone has a different situations and might need a customized solutions. Hope this is useful and looking forward to seeing you becoming world-class in your Industry.

      I have also forwarded your concern to Josh Skill team.

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