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Leaders Learning Iceberg

During my decade of study on learning diet of world leaders and expert, I realized that “Learning” as word is used by Leaders as well as others. But the scope of “Learning” varies a lot. In simple words, when leaders talks about Learning, they actually think of it as a huge thing something like iceberg. But when majority of the people listen to their usage of word learning, they usually think of it as “ICECUBE”. Now both ICEBERG and ICECUBE are made of up same thing i.e. water but there is a huge difference in the scope of learning.

In my book Real Education, I have covered various aspects of “Leaders Learning Iceberg” in detail.

Some of these aspects are

  1. Why Leaders Learn?
  2. How Leaders Learn?
  3. Different between “Reading” of leaders vs others
  4. Leaders Learning diet
  5. How they find time for learning from their busy schedule
  6. Why so-called “uneducated/lesser-educated” business owners are great at alternative form of learning

and so on.

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