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Pro-bono Invitations to Speak at College Student Conference

As a speaker, I get frequent requests from college students to visit and deliver talks at college
A standard ask is that we are a non-profit student body and hence do not have funds.
So we will not be able to pay the “Professional Fee” and may not even pay for “Travel” for out-of-city conferences.
I totally understand that students are not having those funds.

The only thing that makes me laugh is when the same student body invites a “Singer/Performer” for an evening performance and is ready to spend 5-10 lac for the same.

For a large section of society, going to pubs, and movies, and spending 500 to 5000 seems easy
Attending a workshop, coaching session, or seminar – 500 to 5000 is difficult.
Seems we need to change our priorities to change the results.

When I study the top 1% leader, make conscious investments in their Real Education as well.

Investment on Entertainment Vs RealEducation

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