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Public Speaking Skills

Public Speaking is an inherent part of our life. At some point in life, the majority of the people have come across a situation where they were supposed to address a gathering of few people.

There are some professions that are entirely based on public speaking such as Training, Teaching and more. Then there are other professions which frequently require you to give presentations like sales, business development and more.  Business leaders are frequently required to address various meetings and conferences as Keynote Speaker.

But it is said that “Fear of Public Speaking” is one of the strongest fear in the world which has impacted most people. There could be various reasons behind this fear. Though with some practice and activities this skill can be improved and mastered like any other skill.

There are a few suggestions which could help you further:

  1. Begin to Speak: Yes, to overcome any fear, one needs to do it more frequently so that it no more remains a fear. To being with find the most convenient audience with which you are comfortable. This can be a group of friends, cousins and more. And imagine that talking to 5 people is also public speaking so talk for say 5 min. Once you feel better, you can increase the duration of talk and also try a different audience
  2. Joining a Public Speaking Club i.e. Toastmasters Club: To further improve your public speaking, you may choose to join group of like-minded people who also wants to improve that skill. These are various public speaking clubs, one such international organization is Toastmasters Club. Read more
  3. Finding Opportunites to Speak: Once you are comfortable, you can further look for more opportunities to speak and volunteer for such opportunities. For example, in your company volunteer to anchor a social event, deliver some freshers induction program, etc. In your business, you may choose to speak at some social events like Lions Club, Rotary Club, etc.

I hope these suggestions would help you grow in your career.

Road Ahead:

  1. Speaking in English for Non-native English Speakers: In my experience, I have come across various instances where people who are supposed to speak in say English which is their native language they find it difficult to speak. They sometimes think that they are not good at public speaking, but they don’t realize that they are good at Public Speaking when they speak in their native language but only find it difficult when they speak in any other language like English.
  2. Join my course: I do offer online courses in public speaking. Read more
  3. Enroll for my Coaching Session: You may choose to take coaching sessions with me to get answers of some particular queries. Read more

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