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World-Class Leadership – 3 Lessons from Ramayan

  1. Tapasya: Ram or Ravan, they both performed deep tapasya and practice to develop the skills and knowledge. Ravan practiced it so hard that he convinced Shiva to grant him many extraordinary powers.

In today’s world, businesses need to accept that achieving world-class performance and success is not a cakewalk but requires years of tapasya.

  1. Team: During war between Ram and Ravan, they looked out for collaboration. Ram collaborated with Vaanar Raj Sugreev. 

In today’s world, businesses also can not thrive alone and they need collaborations with others.

  1. Accept & Act: When Ram was about to become the king of Ayodhya, situation changed overnight and he had to go to Vanvaas (stay in forest, away from town). Ram accepted it and acted accordingly.

 In today’s world, COVID changed many things but world-class leaders need to accept and act accordingly.

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