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Do you want to be successful in your life?

What is stopping you from becoming Successful?

Why do most people fail to become Successful?

Like any other subject, “Success” is also a subject to study.

If you remember mathematics, there are fundamentals like numbers, tables, and formulas which one requires to build a foundation to solve advanced calculations. Just knowing and reading about the mathematical tables is not enough as one needs to remember what is 5 times 6 to be able to calculate 5X6 = 30.

Similarly “Success” as a subject also has certain “Fundamentals” and “Skills” to master.

Similar to mathematics, the stronger the fundamentals, the greater the outcome that could be achieved. For example, with basic mathematics, one can solve basic calculations but with an advanced mathematical foundation, space scientists are able to send rockets into space with such accuracy and precision.

In the same manner, depending upon your “Knowledge about Success” and expertise in success along with relevant skills, form the foundation of success. But interestingly we have not studied “Success” enough to get the desired outcome.

If you look closely, there are instances where some successful people faced failures and lost wealth in business but as their “Success Mastery” was strong, they rebuilt the business even more quickly and became successful again.

On the other hand, there are people who win mega competitions and receive crores of rupees but most of them lose that money quickly as they had money but the “Success Mastery” was not built appropriately.

Someone said that if the whole money is distributed again to everyone in equal proportion, it will go back to the same hands in the same proportion based on their “Success Mastery”.

Most people are confused between different definitions and ways to achieve success as they get to hear different inputs from different people at different times in life.

For example,
Success in the initial days of School & college days is mostly defined in terms of study, getting good marks, getting good courses and getting a good college etc.

Whereas success in life is mostly defined by people in terms of health, wealth, relationships, spiritual, and mental well-being etc.

Especially in recent times, parents and school teachers would give some definition of success to kids whereas successful people in the media & internet would say that they were a failure in school but became successful by following something else.

Hence to become successful in life, it’s important to study “Success” as the subject & achieve “Success Mastery”

“Success Mastery”

So are you interested in studying “Success” as a subject and developing Mastery of Success i.e. “Success Mastery”

If “Success” would have been a “Subject” like Mathematics what all topics would be covered to make sure that you have the right fundamentals to grow in this subject?

Key topics that form the foundations to become Successful are:

  1. Personal Definition of Success
  2. Design of Success
  3. Ownership of Success
  4. Role of Mindset
  5. Goals
  6. Actions
  7. Handing failures
  8. Different pathways to achieve Success

In my future blogs, I am going to deeper into each of these topics of “Success Master”.

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