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World-class Thought-Leadership – Beginners Guide

Whether you are an Entrepreneur, Professional, Employee, Homemaker, Religious leader, NGO worker, you can create more impact by creating a personal brand and thought-leadership.

Imagine, a reporter who likes to interview you to know your views in your space or a TV show host who likes to invite you to their show. Think from their perspective that if someone has recommended your name to them? What they would do?

Before talking to you, they want to “KNOW” about you whether you are the right choice?

But how they will know more about you?

Also, some of you might think that you have not yet reached a level where TV hosts would invite you.

But my question is that why not create future possibilities by preparing yourself today?

Here are some of the best practices to start your thought-leadership.

Some of these things may appear too much but with proper guidance, they are easy to do. In my “World-Class Leadership” Masterclass, I cover strategies to do these within your budget, even by starting from ZERO investment. So be sure that there are ways to do that.

#1 Your Website –

Having a website preferably

Creating a website in today’s world is an inexpensive thing but it’s certainly a very important thing for a thought leader. In today’s digital world, a website is like your personal board where people can read more about you, your social media, more ways to reach you.

#2 Blog

Blog is a personal long post where you can share your experiences or observations about something. This can become a way for people to connect with your thoughts and perspective about something. You can have a blog on your website or on public websites like

#3  Professional E-mail


Having a professional E-mail is inexpensive yet it creates a unique branding that can position you as a world-class thought-leader and professional in your Industry.

#4 Understanding Power of Twitter

Although, you can use Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter based on your target market. Though as thought-leaders, it’s always important to be on “Twitter” and know how to use this platform STRATEGICALLY!!. This includes understanding the unique features of this platform including ability to tag a Twitter handle, using hashtags etc. which makes it an important platform for political leaders, chairman of different organizations, TV hosts, and more.

This is just to kick-start your journey to become a #WORLDCLASS thought leader. In my next article, I would post about strategies to take your thought-leadership to next level.


  1. My question is: who creates the thought leader? The leader himself/herself or the beneficiaries of his/her outstanding work? What comes first? I know of people who are thought leaders and do not have an internet domain.

    1. Great question Neerja!!

      Definitely, there is an important role of both creator and receiver which makes it complete.

      Talking about what comes first, it would be equally important to ask our role in that context. As a thought-leader, the first step would be CREATION, which beneficiaries can take advantage of. Unless there is a book, there will not be any reader.

      For query regarding pre-internet era, definitely, Thought-Leadership is not dependent upon the internet. There have been recognized/unrecognized thought-leaders since knowledge exchange started in this world. Though in today’s environment, when the preferred choice of communication is the internet so it would be easier for people to reach out on an “easy-to-use & preferred mechanism” i.e. website, e-mail, social media.

      Hope it answers to some extent.

  2. Well written Vikas specifically mentioning all the tools which a startup or individual business owner should have if they are really keen in moving there business to next level

    1. Thanks, Himanshu for your comment. As a community builder, you have all these qualities to be a thought leader and we need more inspirations like you to mentor other aspiring leaders.

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