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How to be a Global Speaker – Video Series by Fredrik Haren

I had the pleasure of meeting Fredrik Haren and it was a story in itself. Since then I have interacted with him multiple times and learned a lot.

As a passionate speaker with the intention to contribute to the speaking community, Fredrik Haren has shared his wisdom through the “How to be a Global Speaker” video series and his blog ““.  I am sure, if you are a passionate speaker, you are going to love these insights.

As I have shared earlier, for me professional speaking in an amazing way for world-class experts and thought-leaders to spread their message and make a successful career too. 

Video#1 How to be a Global Speaker

Video#2 Spread Your Message See the World

Video #3 - How to be a Global Professional Speaker

In addition to delivering the global keynotes, Fredrik Haren also offers coaching and mentoring session to aspiring and established professional speakers. I had the pleasure of taking one such “Inner theme coaching session” and it was very insightful. I would highly recommend his session to you.

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