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Meeting Fredrik Haren and my journey to Singapore

Vikas Jain Singapore Speaker

I started my Entrepreneurial journey after 2014 after working with companies like IBM & McAfee for over eight years. I also got an offer from Microsoft, but choose to pursue my entrepreneurial vision. I delivered various training, but deep inside, I was searching for something specific which I would like to work upon beyond regular training. This could be the search for the purpose of my life or something similar.

11th Dec 2016: A friend of mine told me about a video “How to be a Global Speaker by Fredrik Haren”. I watched the video on the same day. I really liked it and got interested to learn more. I wrote an e-mail to Mr. Fredrik Haren.

16th Dec 2016:  He replied back and asked me to watch two other videos in the same series. I watched those two videos and replied back to him. He then asked me to read all his blogs at I was so curious about learning more from him, that I read all 108 blogs in the next 3-4 days. In one of the blogs, it was shared that he offers individual coaching to people. So I requested him to give me a coaching session. He mentioned that he offers to coach for the members of APSS (Asia Professional Speaker Singapore Association) and hence I decided to take up the membership of APSS. Mr. Haren usually prefers face-to-face discussion. He told me about the Annual Convention on APSS in May 2017, suggested attending the conference so that we can have the coaching session during that visit. And to get that one coaching session from Mr. Fredrik Haren, I decided to attend the convention in Singapore in May 2017.

During this journey, I have learned a lot of things. I must say that if he would have offered me a session on my first contact with him, the quality of the session would not have been that good. Because during all this journey, I was going through a period of “Self-Study” and quality of learning during “Period of Self-Study” enhances the quality of learning that one gain from “Period of Resonance” i.e. meeting. Suddenly things went in my favor and Fredrik Haren planned a tour to India to promote the Professional Speaking Association of India and I got the opportunity to meet him in Delhi on 23rd March, 2017.

When I was expecting an hour of meeting with him in Singapore, I got the opportunity to spend the whole day with him in Delhi. I had a detailed discussion with him about my core topic. He gave me really useful pointers to further delve into. For the next two-three weeks after our meeting, I was in deep thinking mode to analyze more on my core topic. And then this journey of around four months took me to this topic “The Secret behind Super Achievers: Self-Education”. I started interviewing people to know their point of view on this. After that, I decided to compile these findings in the form of a book and share it with the participants of APSS convention in Singapore. Hence I started working to get this physical book out in a span of fewer than 20 days and here it is :). Also, I made sure that I could carry a book for each APSS convention participant in Singapore to share my journey of Self-Education.

Also though I just planned to attend APSS convention earlier, here is what happened:

  1. Three month’s back when I booked Singapore flight to reach on 2nd May at 5:30 PM, I did not know that I will get an opportunity to attend Brian Tracy session organized by APSS
  2. I did not know the plan for 3rd and 4th May earlier, but further to my surprise, I came to know about HR-Summit and top of it APSS booth at HR-Summit

And here I am learning, exploring, sharing with fellow Global Speakers to make this WORLD a better PLACE to LIVE. So whenever something is happening SO FAST, just TRUST your-SELF and ENJOY.


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