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PSS2021 – Professional Speaker Summit 2021 PSAI – What I learned

Professional Speakers Summit 2021 is the annual conference of Professional Speakers Assocation PSAI in India which represent India at Global Speakers Federation. Here is the Registration link with full agend.

I will be delivering a signature keynote on How to be a World-Class Speaker using Vikas World-Class Quadrant. Here is my keynote speaker profile on #PSS2021.

As you might know that I had a pleasure to chair the Professional Speakers Summit 2020 last year. Here is my journey with PSAI, video of the unconference session which I moderated during PSS2020 Untold Secrets Of Professional Speaking – Professional Speakers Unconference Session and how I met Fredrik Haren.

Speakers & Role Players at PSS2021

John B. Molidor, President Global Speakers Federation – Opening speech

3 Key learning

  1. Play like India
  2. Feed you brain
  3. Know your material

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