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Why I admire this particular video of Les Brown so much

Many public and professional speakers admire Les Brown for his inspiring speeches. I am also one such professional keynote speaker, who admires him a lot. Very few people know that majority of the motivation athletics videos has his voice running behind those videos.

But among his many other videos and deliveries, I like this speech the most for various reasons as:

Size of Audience

Every artist including speakers have a dream to perform in front of huge audience. Usually as a speaker I have delivered in front of 1000+ leaders so far. But audience size in this video is HUGE.. a dream for any artist.

Speech Delivery

May be it’s the charm of his young age, the vocal variety, stories, emotions that have been generated in this particular video of Les Brown excites me a lot whenever I watch this video.

04:08 – You can see the amzing audience response, a dream for any speaker

As a coach to professional speakers, who like to become world-class speaker, I keep sharing such useful content with them who choose to join my coaching program or mastermind group.

Let me know your views about this video in comment below.

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